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Pathology is considered the main part of medical study as it is the study of diseases in the body. Once the disease is recognized, treatment is started. We can say, it plays a role of bridge between science and medication. In every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment and the prevention of disease is the part of the Pathology study. Pathologists work with other doctors, scientists, nurses and healthcare professionals in hospitals and GPs’ surgeries to diagnose, treat and prevent illness.


We always love to teach and write. It’s not all to take medical classes from universities and understand all the concepts. Medical books, lectures are necessary to take and go through them. We realized after a few years of research that one of the things we really enjoy is the freedom we have to teach and write our experiences in our way. We can make our material organized, clean, and straightforward so that students don’t have to spend a ton of time decoding it, re-organizing it, and trying to figure it all out. That’s a waste of what little time students have, as we have the same situation flaws in our education life. We can also give it a nice design and make it fun. Why should something so interesting be presented in a dull, boring way? It is really rewarding to be able to save students time and hassle so they can actually learn and understand pathology.


Few years before, we decided to make Pathology Student so we could help students anywhere learn pathology in an easy way, without typical academic obfuscation and posturing. We started writing lectures & notes in easy language terms. Our point of view is to make Pathology study easy for all type of medical students and for some extend we made it painless. We help researchers make new discoveries, collaborate with their colleagues, and give them the knowledge they need to find funding. We are not helping only students,we help doctors save lives, providing insight for physicians to find the right clinical answers, and we support nurses and other healthcare professionals throughout their careers. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.


A million of pathology tests are done every year for each grown-up, child& creature in numerous countries. Major propels have been made by pathologists, from leaps forward in the fruitful treatment of tumor and the security of blood transfusions, to treatment for acquired conditions and inoculations against irresistible infections. We trust you discover a ton of helpful pathology data here on Pathology Student. We will likely spread the way love to the same number of individuals – understudies, occupants, doctors, and intrigued individuals of different types – as could be allowed. Pathology is extremely cool – and finding out about it ought to be simple and reasonable.


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